CASE VACANZA - Porto San Paolo - Sardegna - Italia

Who we are

Meet the Team

It was way back in 1972 that the Manetta Family – Marcella, Giovanni and Gianluca – left Rome to move to Sardinia. This was due to the fact that Giovanni had been hired by Alisarda Airlines, which would go on to become Meridiana Airlines. He ended up staying in Sardinia for his entire commercial piloting career, during which time Giovanni flew on all Meridiana’s routes, as well as all around the world. This proved to provide him with a wealth of experience in human relations management and the way in which to treat people who are travelling for pleasure.

After 25 years of flying at the controls of Meridiana’s MD-80 air planes, Giovanni chose to retire in 1997. Yet, instead of returning to his native Rome, he decided to take on the challenge of running a hotel, together with his family, and therefore to stay in Sardinia, choosing its natural beauty and the peaceful and relaxing lifestyle it offers over the chaotic and draining rhythm of the big city.

It was an immediate success, thanks in no small part to the enviable location of the residential hotel that came to be called Vista Village. When translated this literally means “resort with a view”, which is no big surprise seeing as it looks out onto the stunningly picturesque Tavolara Island. Since the resort was opened in 2001, 14 years of great endeavour and much commitment – for the entire Manetta Family – have gone by, which has made it possible for them to create the accommodation that is today offered to a select and loyal international clientele: a summer holiday in a resort that puts guests first, ensuring that they are so pampered that they feel like they are at home. This “mission” has been achieved and indeed cemented the success of the entire venture.

"Always Guests Never Just Only Customers"