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Privacy Policy


Ref: Regulation for the protection of personal data in accordance with the Italian legislation (ex art. 13 – D. lgs. 30/06/2003 No.s 196)

In accordance with part 13 of the regulation on privacy, in reference on the protection of the identifying data, communicated to us in past or in future, also if only verbal, relatively to the contractual relationships, we inform you that such data:

Have been and will be processed through electronic tools, exclusively for administrative / accounting purposes.

Are stored exclusively in our legal-administration-centre and will never and by no means neither communicated nor transmitted to others, except for the mandatory procedures foreseen by fiscal law or contractual needs (if you are involved).

Are stored carefully and protected from unauthorized access or accidental loss.

Holder of the treatment is the company FINRESORT Srl, in the person of his legal representative.

Relatively to these data, the D. Lgs. 196 defines your right in part 7 – authorization for access to the data and other rights, part 8 – exercise of the rights, part 9 – procedure for exercising the rights, as well as our obligations in part 10 – certification on demand.


Part 23. Agreement, establishes in paragraph 1 that “the treatment of personal data, by private persons or of public authorities is admitted only if authorized by the person itself” and only under prior communication in the sense of the part 13, fulfilled by the company FINRESORT Srl. An the basis of the present document. Besides, in part 4 is said: “in case of confidential data, the agreement has to be done in written form”. The company not possessing. Since the company FINRESORT Srl gets no confidential data from you, but only general identifying information, you could therefore give the consent only orally. Nevertheless…:

…part 24. Cases in which data can be processed without agreement, defines that: “the agreement is not in requested, in the case of …etc. …., when the data processing is: (a) necessary to carry out to an obligation foreseen by the law or a community’s ordinance; (b) necessary for the fulfilment of specific content of the contract, before it’s signature”. The cases (a) and (b) corresponds to the use of your data, as described prior at (our) point 1. Therefore…:

… to avoid you onerous formalities, we inform you hereby that the norm doesn’t force you to furnish the agreement for processing your personal data (neither it imposes us to attend it). On the other hand, refusing the agreement would cause the dissolution of the contract between FINRESORT Srl and the customer, since the fulfilment of the contract would not be possible without these data, due to the operational impossibility to proceed.